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What is Regenerative Medicine

Modern medicine as we know it today isn’t necessarily all that modern.

Case in point:  If you blow out your ACL, your doctor would most likely recommend surgery, physical therapy, and drugs for pain management. Arthritis?  Same.  A wound that won’t heal? Learn to live with it and take drugs for the pain.


More often than not, medicine today turns to surgery and drug therapy as a first line of treatment rather than as the last resort.


Well, regenerative medicine is changing all that. Instead of treating pain and injury with surgery, implants and drugs, regenerative medicine harnesses your body’s own ability to heal and boosts it in a very powerful and effective way.

The National Institute of Health defines Regenerative Medicine as a rapidly developing field that has the potential to transform the treatment of human disease and injury through innovative new therapies that offer faster and more complete recovery.  Moreover, Regenerative Medicine has significantly fewer side effects and risks of complication than surgery or drug therapies.

Regenerative medicine seeks to cure injury, pain, and disease instead of simply treating and managing it. Even people who may have been considered incurable or untreatable in the past have the ability to flourish after undergoing regenerative medicine protocols.


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