Treatment Applications - CAREstream Physician Regenerative Network
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Treatment Applications

Real Medicine for Real Healing.

CRN Regenerative Medicine Treatments are not designed to give patients a temporary fix or to act as a mask for pain. Featuring premium regenerative therapies including A2M injections, 100% pure amniotic fluid injections, and stem cell therapies, CRN treatments provide real healing.


They are especially effective for a broad variety of musculoskeletal and inflammatory conditions, including:


• Major & Minor Joints    • Soft Tissue     • Degenerative Disc Disease     • Tendonitis and tears (shoulder, rotator cuff, hip, elbow, Achilles)
• Fractures     • Sprains     • Cartilage Defects     • Spine and Back


• All Joints


• Bursitis     • Headaches     • Cosmetic Procedures