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Stem Cell Therapies

Did you know that your fat and bones contain stem cells that can be used to heal your body?

It’s true!  Stem cells harvested from bone marrow and adipose (fat) tissue contain an abundant amount of proteins that not only have incredible therapeutic applications, but also are safely retrieved and delivered back into your body.

Adipose-Derived Stem Cells (ADSC) have been show to have tremendous regenerative capabilities because of their high potency. Physicians have used ADSC in a wide variety of regenerative medicine treatment applications, including wound healing, cardiovascular grafts, soft tissue and cartilage repair, neurodegenerative diseases, post-mastectomy repair, and cosmetic applications. Our proprietary system creates a minimally manipulated graft that consists of high density fat, retrieved similarly to Liposuction, that can be immediately transferred to a small gauge needle without further processing.


Bone Marrow Aspirate (BMA) is the first and only system that does not require centrifugation and has the fastest harvesting time on the market at five minutes. This novel system uses a smaller gauge needle than traditional Bone Marrow retrieval devices. It is designed to maximize stem- and progenitor-cell recovery while minimizing peripheral blood infiltration. It also has the highest level of sterility available as the sample never leaves the sterile field.




Your physician will extract the stem cells using a simple procedure. Once stem cells have been harvested, processed, and transplanted back into your body, they integrate with the targeted area and begin secreting essential growth factors to facilitate reformation. Stem cells then start dividing to restore or repair the damaged area.


Stem cells are different from other types of cells in your body in two important ways. Because they are unspecialized cells, they possess the ability to renew themselves through the process of cell division




Millions of stem cells are found in our bodies, waiting to be harvested and used to heal. Although any type of procedure can be intimidating, ADSC is minimally invasive and relatively pain-free, with little to no downtime. BMA is very sterile and allows for in-office procedures.

  • Because your own cells are used, there is no risk of immune rejection.
  • Adipose & Bone Marrow stem cells can be used in several different applications.
  • These types of cells are potent and highly active, so many patients start feeling better sooner.
  • The “harvesting” procedure for both therapies is simple and performed on an outpatient basis.