PHYSICIAN SPOTLIGHT: DR. ANDREW KONEN - CAREstream Physician Regenerative Network
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Dr. Andrew Konen specializes in pain management at his Dallas, TX practice, Konen & Associates. In 2016, Dr. Konen started using regenerative therapies to provide patients more long-lasting and, hopefully, permanent relief of difficult to diagnose chronic headache conditions.

“Most colleagues thought I was nuts, even my own partners. Many of these patients had multiple decades long chronic daily head pain which we would temporarily resolve. I started noticing large volume joint effusions could be aspirated and contrast material frequently leaked into the epidural space and filled the joint(s). When I started to search for a way to test the effusion and look for active arthritic breakdown I found FAC testing and A2M,” says Dr. Konen.

Dr. Konen resisted jumping into injecting fat or bone marrow derived mesenchymal cells because the CFCU seemed too high. According to Dr. Konen, “The data out there was also lousy, and I suspected both were for the same reason. They were injecting a proteinaceous substance into a joint with active enzymatic proteolytic breakdown. Due to the patient expense, that treatment type wasn’t good enough for me.”

Through FAC Testing, Dr. Konen can give a paper to the patient that verifies the out-of-pocket expense is worth it and they more likely to move forward with A2M treatment and removes any guess work. “To date, I’ve had over 70 A2M patients in under 2 years because of FAC testing,” says Dr. Konen.

Recognized as one of the foremost experts in interventional pain management treatment options, Dr. Konen has developed new techniques and treatment strategies for chronic intractable headaches. Dr. Konen is the medical director for the Baylor Center for Pain Management, a clinical professor of pain management for Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine where he regularly teaches medical students and residents the current therapies and advances in pain management.

Konen & Associates was founded with the mission to provide the highest quality comprehensive care for each patient. The group emphasizes the importance of a patient understanding his or her diagnosis, prognosis and plan of care through compassion and by utilizing Patient Care Coordination through the Catalyst Physician Regenerative Network.