THE MARVEL OF "FACT" - CAREstream Physician Regenerative Network
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The test for identifying potential APIC-A2M candidates is the Fibronectin-Aggrecan Complex Test, or FACT. This complimentary diagnostic molecular biomarker test is performed only by Cytonics and is used to identify symptomatic intervertebral discs or painful joint abnormalities. FACT measures the presence of the Fibronectin-Aggrecan Complex (FAC) from a third of a cc fluid specimen taken from a patient.

FAC is a unique molecular complex that dictates catabolic activity that is known to cause painful inflammation and cartilage degeneration. Through a simple synovial fluid draw from any joint or intradiscal fluid, FACT can be used for Molecular Discography and for Joint Diagnostic and indicates the presence of protease enzymes in the joint space.

In conjunction with other testing, FACT helps rule in the necessity for treatment. Used alone, FACT does not rule out the need for treatment but helps determine the source of pain and the best course of treatment for your patients.

Catalyst provides these tests for free including shipping samples to the lab. Results can take up to one week and you are conveniently notified through the Catalyst/Cytonics portal once they are ready. Contact a Catalyst Sales Representative today to see how you can start incorporating FACT in your practice.