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Harness your body’s ability to heal itself.



With no surgery or devices required.



Amazing results that are safe and effective.


At Catalyst Regenerative Network, we help doctors heal patients by providing cutting edge regenerative medicine therapies and products. These therapies are derived from the body’s basic elements, and boost its ability to heal itself in a very dramatic and powerful way.

What is CRN?

We believe in the power and the promise of regenerative medicine to heal pain, injury…

Our Therapies

CRN provides innovative products to physicians throughout the…

Treatment Applications

CRN products help boost patients’ own healing abilities in a powerful…

What is Regenerative Medicine?

By building on what your body can innately do, and stimulating it in a very powerful way through a protocol of injections and therapies, regenerative medicine can provide complete and total healing without the stress, cost, and downtime of surgery.

Articles about Regenerative Medicine

New method for bone marrow transplants without using chemotherapy

August 10, 2016
Source: Stanford University Medical Center

Scientists have devised a way to destroy blood stem cells in mice without using chemotherapy or radiotherapy, both of which have toxic side effects. The new procedure could clear the way for patients to receive blood stem cells from donors more safely.

Blood stem cells study could pave the way for new cancer therapy

March 10, 2016
Source: University of Edinburgh

People with leukemia could be helped by new research that sheds light on how the body produces its blood supply. Enabling scientists to grow the stem cells artificially from pluripotent stem cells could also lead to the development of personalized blood therapies, researchers say.

Regenerative Medicine: Could This Be Healthcare’s Saving Grace?

November 6, 2015
Source: Forbes.com

Regenerative medicine is one of the fastest growing biomedical industries in the world because patients are being cured of diseases that were once incurable. Regenerative medicine represents a new paradigm in human health because the vast majority of treatments for chronic and life-threatening diseases focus on treating the symptoms, not curing the disease.

Leukemia in Remission for First Patient to Undergo CAR T-Cell Immunotherapy in San Diego

August 4, 2016
Source: UC San Diego Health

Robert Legaspi was 9 years old when he was first diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). This year, at age 27, his leukemia returned for the fourth time. This time was different, though — on May 20, 2016, Legaspi became the first patient in San Diego to receive a new type of immunotherapy, known as CAR T-cell therapy, as part of a Phase I/II clinical trial at Moores Cancer Center at UC San Diego Health.